Our Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic process converts organic waste and other biomass from a disposal problem to a profit-generating resource.

Ideal for agricultural and food processing applications along with most types of organic wastes, AFC2 converts up to 90% of biomass/biowaste solids into biogas for power generation. It also removes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients that can be sold in solid or concentrated liquid form. AFC2 generates minimal or no residual sludge so the resulting effluent water is clean enough to be discharged or reused for agricultural or industrial purposes.

Why AFC2?

  • More profitable than alternative processes
  • Up to 90%+ conversion efficiency using optimized anaerobic digestion and mechanical biodegradability enhancement
  • Mesophilic operation for greater process stability and control
  • Can produce multiple forms of renewable energy
  • Converts most organic feedstocks
  • Produces concentrated fertilizer materials: N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) as a valuable byproduct
  • Generates minimal or no residuals
  • Produces clean water for safe discharge or reuse

Conventional biological systems typically only achieve 40%-60% biomass conversion and create a residual disposal issue in addition to providing sub-optimal energy production.

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