Our Advanced Fluidized Composting (AFC) aerobic process excels in industrial waste treatment with minimal residual sludge production. AFC treatment solutions usually require a much smaller footprint (land area) compared to that required by conventional technology.

Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, and selected other industrial waste treatment applications, this patented biological treatment process is facilitated using a proprietary ChemTreat system that results in low or zero production of residual sludge.

Why AFC?

  • Up to 100% conversion of organic solids, with minimal or zero sludge production
  • Accelerated kinetics and high operating solids levels only require small footprint
  • Thermophilic digestion integrated with proprietary ChemTreat system for biodegradability enhancement
  • Process optimization and control
  • Successful industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical plant installations that have been in operation worldwide since 1995

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