Oil, Gas & Mining

A modified Advanced Fluidized Composting (AFC) aerobic process from BioConversion Solutions (BCS) reduces shale gas producers’ remediation costs for their fracking production wastewater while meeting environmental regulations.

In large, remote mining operations that are “energy islands,” the BCS Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic process solution can:

  • Utilize purpose-grown crops cultivated nearby as feedstock to produce biogas that can be used to generate electricity and minimize the cost of expensive diesel fuel often trucked for hundreds of kilometers
  • Use the mining townsite municipal sewage as a feedstock component, thereby eliminating a wastewater treatment and discharge cost along with potential environmental problems
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in potential Carbon Recs and positive public perception

In shale gas production field applications, BCS solutions can:

  • Eliminate the logistics and expense of trucking fracking production wastewater to industrial wastewater treatment facilities while reducing deep hole injection costs
  • Remove heavy metals, destroy organics, and separate the now-clean salts – when combined with an energy-efficient desalination system – to meet environmental regulations
  • Generate clean water that can be reused by the gas producer or safely discharged

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