Municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) can reduce the costs and liabilities of sludge handling and disposal and increase their organic solids conversion rate with the Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic technology from BioConversion Solutions (BCS).

Conventional anaerobic digestion facilities producing biogas typically have a volatile solids conversion rate of 40%-55%, resulting in a considerable amount of residual sludge to dispose of in the form of sludge cake or pelletized material. A complete AFC2 implementation can increase the solids conversion rate up to 80%-90%, resulting in up to 100% increase in biogas production and a very large reduction (up to 80%) in residual sludge disposal challenges and costs.

Reconfiguration of an existing municipal anaerobic digestion plant to confirm to the AFC2 process can increase the organic solids conversion rate by 20% – 50%, resulting in a very high return on investment and a short payback period for the incremental capital investment.

Learn how AFC2 can dramatically reduce municipal WWTP operating costs and increase plant performance. Contact us today.

I have worked with BioConversion Solutions on various projects evaluating the application of both their technology and In-Pipe’s. I found BCS’ biomass-to-energy technology to be best-in-class and their biological process skills and know-how are second to none.
John Williams
President & CEO
In-Pipe Technologies