BioConversion Solutions’ (BCS) Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic technology can be used on military bases to provide the world’s highest conversion rate to biogas for power generation using the base municipal wastewater and food waste as feedstocks. Our proven and proprietary AFC2 process greatly improves the security of fuel supplies and energy self-sufficiency for United States and other military agencies.

Military installations of the AFC2 process often have the opportunity to share sites and facilities with host communities to defray infrastructure and operating costs as well as to increase the scale of the biomass-to-energy plant. Military bases may also engage in Public-Private Partnerships where access is provided to base-produced feedstock, land for the plant, and long-term power purchase agreements for a privately financed, owned and operated biomass-to-energy plant. With the BCS AFC2 process, military agencies/bases can also save money on:

  • Power purchases
  • Liquid fuel purchases for power generation
  • Tipping fees for landfills, etc.

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