Commercial Co-Digestion

BioConversion Solutions (BCS) enables renewable energy plant owners and operators to increase profitability of production plants that convert biowaste and other biomass feedstock to renewable energy (eg, biogas, on-site power generation) and other value-added products. Incorporating our patented and proven Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) technology, BCS improves plant profitability through:

  • Enhanced biodegradability of the feedstock organic solids that results in up to 80%-90% conversion of volatile solids even for difficult-to-digest feedstocks
  • Higher biogas production yield from feedstock conversion that increases plant output thereby allowing for the acceptance of more feedstock and higher tip fees
  • Near-complete recovery of the nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) contained in the feedstock. With BCS’ Biodegradability Enhancement System, these nutrients can be recovered in solid (struvite), concentrated liquid, or a combined form depending on the prevailing wholesale prices and fertilizer customer preference.
  • Up to 80% reduction of residual sludge that otherwise incurs a disposal fee
  • The processing of a mixed feedstock “recipe” including easy-to-digest and more difficult-to-digest feedstocks
  • The creation of feedstock by cultivating and harvesting high energy crops on-site or nearby by the owner/operator
  • The discharge of the final water output from the plant into the local sewer system or waterways without violating nutrient management regulations. The output water may also be reusable for plant or other purposes, such as irrigation or industrial use, resulting in additional potential revenue or reduced water purchase expenditures.

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BioConversion Solutions has worked closely with Harvest Power on several important projects, primarily conducting technical analysis of various design alternatives and pilot digester trials. Their laboratory’s responsiveness and high attention to detail have contributed to several timely performance enhancements to our latest project, where they are also a key member of the EPC consortium’s engineering team.
Alexander MacFarlane,
VP Project Development,
Harvest Power