Chemical & Pharmaceutical

The Advanced Fluidized Composting (AFC) aerobic process from BioConversion Solutions (BCS) destroys up to 100% of organic solids and can remove metals and contaminants in industrial waste streams. Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemical, and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) producers garner outstanding investment returns from the BCS AFC total on-­site sludge destruction technology. The high-strength waste streams in these industrial plants are perfectly suited for the AFC process and present the highest payback opportunity due to the reduction of waste treatment sludge disposal costs and potential liabilities.

BCS has an exemplary track record in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Full-­scale installations of the BCS AFC process are currently operating in the United States, Europe, China, and Singapore and are reducing owners’ operations costs by millions of dollars each year.

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GSK selected AFC technology to improve waste treatment operations and to radically reduce waste sludge production.
Brett Fulford
Environmental Manager