BioConversion Solutions, LLC (BCS), formerly PMC BioTec, enables our customers to design, build, and operate the world’s most profitable biological conversion plants to produce renewable energy and other value-added products including fertilizer and clean water.

BCS has pioneered two proprietary process technology platforms, which are proven in multiple implementations – our Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic process and our Advanced Fluidized Composting (AFC) aerobic process.

Using these process technology platforms, we work with facilities management firms, construction firms, engineering firms, digestion system firms, pre-treatment equipment vendors, specialized process vendors, and microorganism vendors to implement a biokinetics-based systems approach that adds value in every stage of the project from inception to completion.

BioConversion Solutions is a team of true experts focused on designing, developing, and implementing biological systems to process organic materials. We first worked with them on a major chemical plant waste water treatment facility, which has worked superbly, producing zero sludge in 6 years of operation. Currently, we are working with them to design a high-performance biowaste-to-biogas plant. BCS constantly innovates by developing and testing new value-added process technologies for commercial, industrial, municipal, and other bioconversion applications. They have top-notch project implementation personnel that we regularly rely on and enjoy working with.
Sam Shelby, Principal, ENVIRON International

Our biomass solutions serve a diverse set of customers including: Commercial Co-Digestion; Food Processing; Agri-Business; Oil, Gas, & Mining; Chemical & Pharmaceutical; Military; and Municipal.

BCS is a global solutions provider and expert competence center with a
network of process specialists and partners across the globe. Founded in 2003 by renowned biological process technology specialist Dr. Alan Rozich, the BCS management team has over 100 person years of combined wastewater treatment experience. Our core technical team has worked together for almost 25 years. We are the best and first at what we do.

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