Our Approach

Using our proven and proprietary Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion & Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic process and Advanced Fluidized Composting (AFC) aerobic process, BioConversion Solutions (BCS) implements a biokinetics-based systems approach to every project. We take optimal advantage of your feedstock given your power costs, site constraints, fertilizer market opportunities, and other business considerations. BCS adds value in every stage of the project lifecycle including:

  • Project concept formulation
  • Feedstock treatability testing and supporting lab services
  • Lab and on-site pilot design, architecture, construction, and operation
  • Production plant design, construction, and start-up:
    • Single and multi-stage biological processing
    • End-to-end optimization and control to assure continuous optimal plant performance
    • Engineering services, high-level design, construction oversight, and plant start-up oversight, often in conjunction with plant engineer of record
    • Supply of biodegradability enhancement equipment (MCGs) and other key process equipment
  • Post start-up analytics, remote monitoring services, and selected maintenance

We are a solutions provider and expert competence center that collaborates with facilities management firms, construction firms, engineering firms, digestion system firms, pre-treatment equipment vendors, specialized process vendors, and microorganism vendors. BCS also has an international network of process specialists with partners across the globe.

We have experience in numerous successful projects acting in different roles depending on the situation and the needs and preference of our customers such as:

  • Lead project engineering firm
  • Key process engineering vendor/partner to an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) consortium
  • Process design consultant to the Project Engineer of Record
  • Biological systems technology and key process enhancement equipment supplier

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