Customer Testimonials

“BioConversion Solutions has worked closely with Harvest Power on several important projects, primarily conducting technical analysis of various design alternatives and pilot digester trials. Their laboratory’s responsiveness and high attention to detail have contributed to several timely performance enhancements to our latest project, where they are also a key member of the EPC consortium’s engineering team.”
Alexander MacFarlane, VP Project Development, Harvest Power
“BioConversion Solutions is a team of true experts focused on designing, developing, and implementing biological systems to process organic materials. We first worked with them on a major chemical plant waste water treatment facility, which has worked superbly, producing zero sludge in 6 years of operation. Currently, we are working with them to design a high-performance biowaste-to-biogas plant. BCS constantly innovates by developing and testing new value-added process technologies for commercial, industrial, municipal, and other bioconversion applications. They have top-notch project implementation personnel that we regularly rely on and enjoy working with.”
Sam Shelby, Principal, ENVIRON International
“The AFC process has enabled us to control and to greatly reduce our off-site sludge disposal costs.”
Charlie Evans, Former Utilities Manager, Monsanto
“GSK selected AFC technology to improve waste treatment operations and to radically reduce waste sludge production.”
Brett Fulford, Environmental Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
“The AFC process is so easy to operate, it practically runs itself. I know personally since I have been operating it since 2000. It has saved my company well over $10 million during that period of time.”
Ray Hardison, Plant Operator, Sartomer
“I have worked with BioConversion Solutions on various projects evaluating the application of both their technology and In-Pipe’s. I found BCS’ biomass-to-energy technology to be best-in-class and their biological process skills and know-how are second to none.”
John Williams, President & CEO, In-Pipe Technologies